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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  March 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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explosive. the injuries it wasn't a fire cracker. it was a bomb. the morning paper conceals a powerful explosive. the injuries and investigation after the bizarre attack in vacaville. cleaning up in capitola. why residents say it never should have happened. flash flooding. facebook. some saying it is bad for teenagers. a man in his 80s is hospitalized after a bomb hidden in his morning newspaper explodes. it happened in vacaville about 10:00 a.m. this morning. it happened in the north brown valley area. don knapp has more on the story. >> about 10:30 a.m. this morning we heard a big noise. at first i thought it was one of the construction trucks that
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comes by this road frequently. >> reporter: david wheeler said the explosion rocked houses several blocks away from the cul-de-sac where it went off this morning. >> the explosion was really big. it wasn't a fire cracker. it was a bomb. >> enough to rattle dishes in. >> it rattled our house. >> wheeler says the boy came to his door and told him a man had been injured as he picked up his morning paper in front of his home. people then went door-to-door warning others not to pick up newspapers. the as wet unidentified man reportedly lost fingers and had injuries to his leg. he was air lifted to a hospital from a nearby park. people evacuated homes in the cul-de-sac and began looking for bombs. >> we have on the scene right now, we have the travis air force bomb squad, the alcohol,
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tobacco and firearms folks are here as well. we have some bomb sniffing dogs. >> reporter: rumors spread quickly there were several explosions and the bottles contained acid. >> we have gotten calls about newspapers that looked bigger and look a little suspicious. we haven't located any device at at this point. in terms of the type of device, another question about acid- type bomb much it is not an acid-type bomb. >> reporter: police can't say what the motive may be but they are fairly confident there are no other devices to be found. those homes slipping off a hillside have led to an
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emergency declaration. several homes have suffered damage as a result of land giving away. three homes have been limited access. an attempt to move some trees that were in danger of falling on some houses almost resulted in another disaster. >> the city can now get at trees in the back. one tree missed the house by an inch. and they don't have clearance to move back into the home yet because the house in the back may fall down on top of this house. >> the city says the dry weather ahead may help stabilize the hill but some neighbors say the hillside slid once before taking out a house in the 80s. capitola has declared an emergency in the wake of a flash flood. waters flowed through homes and businesses in capitola village of it was the second failure by
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the same pipe and it was a huge mess. anne makovec on the cleanup that began today. >> reporter: the sound of industrial vacuums replaces the sound of rushing water heard here yesterday when the second flood in two days tore through the downtown area in capitola. the pipe blew on thursday. >> it is a sad situation. >> reporter: richard lives across the street from these homes all either yell or red tagged. this pile of rubble used to be one of them. many were vacation homes but some housed elderly people. >> the red cross is going to help them for two weeks but what do they do after that? >> reporter: down hill dozens of businesses are cleaning up. >> packing everything up and moving it out and setting up the rugs. i mean, everything has got to be out of here. >> right now it is impossible
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to know monetaryly how much damage was done here. but the city of capitola is trying to get state and federal disaster aid. >> i'm feeling frustrated today. >> reporter: scott stein owns this body care business and says everything is now contaminated. >> there should be a recall of every single capitola government official. our inventory is ruined. we will never re-establish business in capitola. >> reporter: it came with the heavy rains last week and they couldn't have predicted it. he said did he. >> if you stop doing maintenance on steel pipe that has been in place for 40 years and don't maintain them this is bound to happen. >> they didn't control all that water coming through. >> reporter: in capitola, anne makovec, cbs5. mud has been cleared from the tracks so ace train service will begin tomorrow.
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deb bring from a landslide ended up on the tracks halting service. the trains will be in service in time for the morning commute. checking other bay area headlines. an early morning shooting in san francisco killed a richmond man. the 23-year-old was shot several times on jessie street between 5th and 6th street. barry bonds' perjury trial resumes tomorrow in san francisco. bonds testified he never knowingly used steroids to a grand jury. the prosecution listed bonds' former girlfriend as a witness. power has been restored in the north bay and central coast to pg&e customers. it happened this afternoon impacting tens of thousands of homes and businesses in marin and monterey counties. pg&e said the problem was in its transmission system and is
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looking for the cause. notorious mass murder dying in prison. the sacramento landlord was accused of killing nine of her boarding house tenants and burying the bodies in her backyard not far from the state capitol building. she was convicted of three murders in 1993 but the jury deadlocked on six other killings. she was called a cold an calculating serial killer who killed her tenants to steal their social security checks. a fight for freedom. victories that are being celebrated as coalition control changes hands. >> they did and announcement calling her name asking her to report. and a mystery aboard a disney ship. the efforts to find a crew member who disappeared just hours into a mexican cruise. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow on the cbs5 weather center. we had a glimmer of sunshine
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several key cities. a change in command for coalition forces is already underway. libyan rebels continue their advance towards tripoli after retaking several key cities. a change in command for coalition forces is already underway and air strikes are now hitting closer to gadaffi's hometown. >> reporter: coalition forces hit tripoli and for the first time moammar gadhafi's hometown, a government spokesman claims there were casualties. >> it was attacked and three sailors were killed. >> reporter: the u.s. led the operations for more than a week to take out gadaffi's air defenses and establish a no fly zone but now nato agreed to take over command. rebels handed out food to civilians one day after recapturing the strategic coastal town. on sunday the opposition pushed west and controls all the main oil term nams in eastern libya. one rebel claims there was no resistance at all from forces loyal to gadaffi. >> based on the intelligence
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and what our military is seeing, the gadaffi forces are withdrawing. >> reporter: the united nation's security council meets monday getting an update on the situation in libya. president obama addresses the nation later in the evening. >> i think the military mission has gone quite well. >> reporter: defense secretary robert gates says the u.s. would begin reducing its forces committed to libya within weeks. but he doesn't think if anyone know's if military operations will be over by year's end. reporting from the united nations. another earthquake scare in japan prompting another tsunami warning. no additional damage was reported. meanwhile the leaking radiation at the damaged nuclear reactors continue to measure at high levels. it was revised to 100,000 times
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above normal air. the fukushima plant shows steam rising from reactors as well as collapsed walls and roof. the ripple effects of the disaster on auto industry continues to be felt around the world. toyota and honda are still struggling to resume normal production at their factories and dealers are now warning car buyers will soon have difficulties finding the model they want and thousands of auto plant workers will likely be told to stay home because of shortage of parts. well, all the snow in the sierra may be a boom to everyone. there was so much snow accumulated on a roof it collapsed. fire crews and store employees are rushing to shovel the snow off other buildings before it damages them too. but for us, lawrence says there is sunshine on the way. >> okay, and i love the rain. but even i would like to see
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some sunshine. i think we will get it. we are getting through the clouds right now. still a few showers out there tonight but there is a sign we are in for some very nice weather. i'll show you that in a moment. outside we have got a whole lot of clouds in our skies. kind of just a murky mess out around the bay area as we have got this dying cold front leaving a lot of moisture behind and you do have some scattered light showers right now being picked up by high-def doppler radar but not a whole lot of activity. i think leaving behind we will see lots of clouds early on tomorrow morning. showers continuing into hercules near vallejo. we have got more scatter showers out in toward mill valley and south a few more scattered showers out there but not a whole lot. really just a dying cold front limping through the bay area. it has been an impressive year as we have seen a whole lot of rain. get this. almost 37 inches of rain at 131% of normal in santa rosa. we are now at 125% of normal in
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san francisco at over 25 inches and 101 in san jose. we don't need another drop this whole year and we will still be above normal. high pressure building in allowing temperatures to warm up. speaking of the high sierra and snow up there. they will be dry. roadways cleared out. expect spring skiing conditions as you'll see a little flush in the afternoons because those temperatures will be warming up near 60 degrees as that ridge builds in. this cold front weakening and moving on by dying somewhat now. high pressure beginning to build in. showers coming to an end. probably within the next 2 to 3 hours here and really dying out. still a lot of clouds early on tomorrow morning but the computer model picking up on it pretty well showing a few scattered light showers them heading towards tomorrow morning the commute looking good. just a couple clouds out there. otherwise as we head through the day tomorrow it will turn out to be a pretty decent day.
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i think the skies will start to part, dry air will come in and clouds will dissipate and here comes that spring sunshine and that's just the beginning of some more days of beautiful weather ahead. high temperatures by tomorrow afternoon will be noticeably warmer. many of those numbers up into the 60s. but get a load of this. we haven't seen a nice seven- day forecast like this in quite some time. wednesday, thursday, those temperatures moving well into the 70s. wouldn't be surprised if we saw a couple of 80s around the bay area. definitelily the nicest weather we have seen all spring long. >> thank you, lawrence. >> you're welcome. the skies cleared just in time for thousands of people to take part in oakland's second annual running festival. and there really was a race for every man, woman and child from the marathon to a kids fun run. the marathon winners were veteran. the mom turned 26 in december so she decided of it time to run 26 miles. >> for others it was the perfect day to stop and smell
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the roses and all the other flowers macy's annual flower show. this year's theme is power of flowers and it includes lofty arrangements all over the union square stores as well as in its windows. this is the 65th year for the flower show. well, facebook may be hazardous to teen's health warning the popular social site is not for everybody. a crew member that disappears that has passengers on edge. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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too much facebook could be bad for teen's mental health. the american academy of pediatrics is warning that troubled teens could suffer from facebook depression. they say looking at photos and updates of happy people having fun can make kids who suffer from low self-esteem even worse. the group says parents should talk to their kids about all their online use. a mystery aboard a disney cruiseship. a young cruise member disappeared while cruising from l.a. to mexico. >> reporter: this morning the disney cruiseship wonder docked into the port of los angeles in the wake after mystery. >> it was somber for a while. >> reporter: it comes after the disappearance of 24-year-old rebecca. she worked for the ship's youth program. on tuesday she didn't show up for her onboard shift. >> that morning they did and announcement calling her name asking her to report or to call an extension. >> reporter: she was last seen
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when the ship was in port. >> they said there was a missing crew member. >> reporter: today disney cruise line released a statement saying we have been doing everything possible to find rebecca including conducting searches the latest as recently as saturday. >> awhile later they announced they were not able to locate her. they were really good about keeping us up-to-date. >> reporter: the ship is nearly 1000 feet long. disney cruise line say it has been searched twice. her parents have traveled from england to meet with investigators about their search for their daughter. >> i don't know. it is frightening to think about it really. >> reporter: in the meantime parents on the cruise say this mystery is a reminder of how fragile life can be. >> scary. you watch your kids a little close nearby i'm sure it was hard for the crew members to
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keep up their happiness for everybody but they did a great job. video gaming takes on an added dimension. the 3d system that hits store shelves today. and a free show by britney spears. the reaction by fans who were lucky enoug to get in. giants and as packed up and back in the bay area. and aubrey huff. it will be a final 4 to. breaking down the crazy week to come. plus why the stanford women might be considered underdogs in tomorrow's elite 8 game. we will see you in a few minutes on "game day." ,,,,
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introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new, 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green. wimpy, but he's mighty strong at the box office. the sequel, "diary of a wimpy kid: rodrick rules" opened this delightful. this kid may be wimpy but he is mighty strong at the box office. diary of a wimpy kid roderick rules opened at number 1 earning more than $24 million this weekend. the girl power action fantasty sucker punch in second place. limitless, the lincoln lawyer and rango rounding out the top
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5. the nintendo 3ds is the latest gadget competing for your cash. the device hit stores today. no glasses required. 3d. experts say the technology could be a game changer. it comes with a warning. nintendo says children under 6 shouldn't use the device because it might harm their vision. and the price tag, it might make you look twice. $250. actress reese witherspoon is married again. she tied the knot late last night at her estate. the couple met last year and announced their engagement in december. this is the second marriage for the 35-year-old witherspoon. she has two children with her former husband. her new husband who is 40 has never been married. pouring into downtown san francisco today to see a pop singer perform for free. britney spears put on a short
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free show at bill graham pacific auditorium. the long lines didn't seem to bother the ticket holders. some said they waited years to see her live. >> i love britney spears. >> i have never seen her either. really excited about it. >> britney. i love britney. >> spears performed three songs from her latest album which come out tuesday and tickets for the free concert gone in just 14 minutes. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,, [ ryan ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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